Rollerball ½

The less I say about this film the better. It's sad that this film is the lone "dark mark" on the directing career of one of my all time favorite film directors, John McTiernan. This film is so laughably bad, it's amazing McTiernan directed it.

This incoherent story ... this hogwash of a plot ... this jumbled mess of crappy footage with a complete lack of meaning, rhythm, timing, and sense of ugency or suspense, should be flushed down the toilet before you try and pick out any inconsistencies.

"ROLLERBALL" is just a horrible film from back to front ... and front to back. No engaging characters ... bland performances (Chris Klein is clearly on autopilot during this mess) ... crappy action and suspense ... and oh yeah ... we also get a cameo appearance of the most annoying human beings on earth - WWE Manager/Official Paul Heyman ... and his god awful, overly annoying, eardrum exploding, headache inducing, raspy, whining, voice.

LL Cool J doesn't fair much better here either, as every movie I have seen him in thus far, he has been nothing more than an insufferable douche ("ANY GIVEN SUNDAY" and "DEEP BLUE SEA" are two prime examples). As I said above, Chris Klein is such a bland uninteresting hero, and you can tell he does not put forth his best effort. Rebecca Romijn is hot in this movie ... but that is all she is used for - to look hot! Her acting here is as interesting as a bag full of paperclips.

"ROLLERBALL" is a slapstick, corny, cheesy, uninteresting piece of dribble that appears to be made by a bunch of drunk high schoolers interested in heavy metal, skateboards, motorcycles, hot women with no depth, and crack. This piece of turd is not worth anyone's time ... not in the least. Whats most sad, is how director John McTiernan wasted his own time and effort here.

Hard to believe that the director of "DIE HARD", "DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE", "PREDATOR", and "THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER" was responsible for making one of the largest turds ever assembled. This take of "ROLLERBALL" doesn't belong anywhere near McTiernan's film directing resume ... sadly, it's there, and it's a dark mark that John will sadly have to live with.