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  • Spain!


    What follows is my translation of Harun Farocki's text on the film from the book "Zeit für Mitteilungen. Peter Nestler. Dokumentarist".

    “Our presence in Spain in 1936-1938 had the purpose of defending a bourgeois democracy. Socialism was not on the agenda and we were completely aware of that, even though most of us were communists. I mean, that is an essential political fact. It is also essential that the nearby bourgeois states such as France and England were fully aware…

  • By the Dike Sluice

    By the Dike Sluice

    What follows is my translation of Jean-Marie Straub's text on Nestler in the book "Zeit für Mitteilungen. Peter Nestler. Dokumentarist".

    Like Cézanne, who did nothing but paint apples…

    I think more and more that Nestler has been the most important filmmaker in Germany since the war - apart from the older people who were able to shoot here, from Fritz Lang, and apart from Angst from Rossellini. Precisely because he - probably as the only one here - only recorded…

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  • From Greece

    From Greece


    "And then came From Greece, which is a very important film, aesthetically terrorist, and it's becoming more and more important to me. Back then, people said that Nestler had a political agenda, but the events in Greece have since shown that he had no agenda. It was brilliant that the crowd's slogans were not recorded with direct sound. If I say this, it means something because I am almost an apostle of direct sound. The ingenious intuition was that the slogans were only spoken in the commentary, by him."

    - Jean-Marie Straub