👻 GunnarTheDude (celebrating Horrorween 🎃)

👻 GunnarTheDude (celebrating Horrorween 🎃)

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  • Norm of the North

    Norm of the North

    I watched this, bc the one thing I’ve always needed to see in my life is a polar bear twerk. How lucky I am.

    In all seriousness, I first saw this when it came out (keep in mind I was like 8-9) and even then I didn’t like it. Like at all. Now it’s worse. It’s jokes suck, the animation is worse than straight to video, and I hate the characters. It’s lazy, stupid, and hand-fisted with the message in…

  • Candyman


    This was good. I felt it was really interesting. I really liked all the lore and how it looked into the origins. It made it very unique. I also really liked the concept. The whole idea of urban legends being true and all the theories about it are really interesting. I also really liked the kills. The hook kill was really unique and filmed well. Now, I’m going to say this though: this film didn’t scare me. While there was…