Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★★

From now on I will specify whether I watched which ever film I happen to be reviewing with Tetramoose or not. One, because it might happen to be relevant to my opinion of the film, two because of the off chance that anyone might care. This time he was not present, but I just viewed the film after him suggesting it to me a few days earlier.

Holy Motors is a French film focusing on cinema, the medium through which it is filmed, the performances within it, and the appreciation of it. Though I less enjoy interpreting these more abstract films than I do seeing how they connect with me. Films like these have the potential to instill all kinds of emotions in a viewer, since they don't have to follow the typical movie rules. Examples of this include the sense of overwhelming dread I felt throughout the entirety of The Turin Horse, or the lack of certainty and control in life from Donnie Darko. Holy Motors kind of simulates the sense of something I used to deeply enjoy, no longer having the value it used to possess. From the main character losing interest in his job and losing his love, to the limos losing self worth, this film conjures familiar sensations.

Holy Motors has some brilliant cinematography, I sometimes lost myself in the scenery and choreography. The Paris backdrop was gorgeous, and the organic accordion scene couldn't help but make me smile. Costumes in this film are really powerful as well. The movie takes great care with the costumes and make up with many characters jumping in and out of wildly different outfits and changing appearances very often.

The acting in the movie is really impressive too. The performances were very physical, with characters running, jumping, spinning, carrying other people, hobbling and hunching, the actors' abilities are pushed.

There were a few low points of the film though. The lowest probably being the singing scene, which sounds pretty bad. The movie kind of meanders as well. The movie gets a little pretentious at times as well. Otherwise, I really like this movie, and highly suggest it.