Scream ★★★★★

“Scream” undeniably revived slashers along with completely transforming the horror genre as a whole.

i just love how this movie acknowledges the rules of horror movies while simultaneously deviating from them. the way this film handles the final girl trope is a perfect example of this. the “final girl” in horror movies usually is infamously a virgin and often, the women that are sexually active are killed off early. however, this movie makes Sidney a powerhouse that completely subverts the misogynistic rules other final girls were subjected to. she’s resourceful, empowered and brave. this movie has so many layers, and i could go on and on about it!! 

this movie is so rewatchable— it’s fascinating to me. i’ve watched it an unhealthy number of times and it never gets old. i’m always picking up on new elements, whether it be dialogue, hints towards the killer or just fun horror movie references! 

“Scream” is the definition of a masterpiece. it was so influential that it even sparked a post-Scream era. so many movies released after “Scream” were heavily inspired by it, such as “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and “Urban Legend.” this movie reimagined the entire horror genre due to how self-referential, comedic and unique it was. even years later, it still holds up. i can’t get enough of it!!

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