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  • X



    funny that this is a horror film nostalgic for the genre's now pretty distant past–specifically 1974's original TEXAS CHAIN SAW and 1972's LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT with a few fun nods to kubrick–that itself reaches back to ti west's earlier show of genre literacy, 2009's THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, down to the bouncy waves we first saw on jocelin donahue's doomed babysitter. it's as if west just discovered and read not only carol clover's MEN, WOMEN, AND CHAINSAWS…

  • Martin



    what I'd give to see this on film. the desolate garbagey setting of braddock, the b/w candelabra flashbacks (or fantasies), two incredible set pieces: the opening on the train (we love a delayed credit sequence!) and the long bungled home invasion, whose clumsy execution would be slapstick if the scenario weren't so chilling.