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  • Citizen Kane

    Citizen Kane


    If anyone, and I mean anyone, who wants to be exposed to this many depressed rich white men, listen to weezer. They’re great

  • Amarcord



    “Saint Louis cries when you touch yourself”

    The fist 40 mins were absolutely hilarious! Loved this film, such an entertaining watch, with so many dick jokes. Even some fascist jokes. Jokity jokes jokes jokes. If I hadn’t made my point yet, it’s full of yokes. Once again, I loved it. The first half felt so upbeat, relatively pacy and comical, I thought it was directed my Wes Anderson. 

    Last half was less funny, but took a dark turn just like La Strada. And of course, the directing and the score where fantastic.

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  • Prisoners



    Screw it. I loved it. The acting was phenomenal all around and I'm really starting to appreciate roger Deakins. This is definitely my kind of movie, I've been waiting to watch it for so long and it was so damn worth it. The 2 hr and a half runtime felt like 2 minutes, my heart was beating rapidly like a time bomb on 10x speed, 5 mins in. Fuck, it sent shivers down my spine. This got snubbed, hard

    Also, I wish Jake and Hugh were my gay dads.

  • La Strada

    La Strada


    What a wild ride! My first Fellini and I’m already excited for more to come! The acting was phenomenal from Fellini’s wife. I loved her so much. This movie was so emotional and heart wrenching I almost broke into tears like 4 times. Great film, the build up is incredible and the acting makes you really feel for them. Hit me like a bullet, TOTALLY unexpected

    ....And the score is going to be stuck in my head for quite a while