Manchester by the Sea

Manchester by the Sea ★★★★½

Bleak, Regretful, Realistic and Beautifully Melancholic

Kenneth Lonergan is such an extraordinary and talented writer; his beautifully, and richly, textured drama draws upon the timeless themes of recovery, redemption, and the persistence of guilt in such a way that feels fresh. The emotion is never overbearing for the sake of being overbearing, rather it feels all too real, which is a credit to the writing as much as it is to the fantastic performances.Casey Affleck fits into this role like a glove, and he was amazing in it. Oscar well deserved.

Surprisingly lot's of humor is used. There are some outright belly laughs in this film, which feels incongruous with the morbid subject matter so you might fall into an awkward laugh or cry.

Overall, It's a beautiful, quiet picture encapsulating trauma, guilt, redemption and familial bonds that deserves way more recognition.

P.S. Mathew Broderick goes from playing a cool teenager who skips skool to playing a chubby Christian man in his mid 4o's.

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