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This review may contain spoilers.

a complete visual feast, so so delightful to watch and feel and experience. the title character starts out being so annoying, brave for a marvel movie to do, but clever as it works so well for his progression from doctor stephen strange to doctor strange, as he learns empathy and sympathy for others whilst still keeping that witty personality he had from the beginning. benedict cumberbatch is downright perfect as him. he hits all the right emotional notes to make his performance memorable and all the right humorous notes to make it entertaining. i think he might be better here than he is in sherlock; i don't know what it is but he just feels like absolutely perfect for strange. mads mikkelsen is pretty great as kaecilius too, who's definitely one of my favorite mcu villains aside loki and thanos despite his kinda short screen time. tilda swinton is incredible, the first scene with her has to be one of my favorites from the film just because of the charisma she and cumberbatch have together. all the supporting actors also do amazing jobs in their respective roles, everyone is literally perfect.

the humor is top notch too, feeling natural when it happens and also being hilarious and pretty smart at times. but it's the cgi that makes doctor strange truly beautiful. seeing new york getting twisted inside and out, folded in on itself and rearranged on the go by heros and villains is really a slight to behold. it's not just visually phenomenal but it's creatively genius. the weapons, relics, shields, everything is memorable for being inventive. the mirror dimension is the most fun - it's possibilities are endless and it feels like anything can happen when it's in play. i mean, new york literally collapses on itself and no one is aware of anything. there's such a grand scale of ridiculousness that somehow feels realistic with the world and explainations that are presented. the eye of agamotto lets hong kong be undestroyed. undestroyed! it's just so visually spectacular to see something this big happen. the fights that happen while strange is reversing this are great too, like kaecilius getting trapped in the wall as it rebuilds itself. and oh my god, strange vs dormammu in that time loop is maybe the best visual scene in the whole of the mcu. it's funny, it's clever, it looks damn nice but it's also sincere with strange's motivations.

doctor strange is 100% the greatest looking mcu movie, easily has the best cgi, maybe the best cast too and it's definitely in my top 4 now.

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