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This review may contain spoilers.

probably the weirdest choice for a movie i could've picked to watch on my birthday but i had to finish it and it's still as excellent as ever. craig delivers one of the best, most complex performances of the decade, delving into bonds personal life, with a plethora of excellent supporting actors to back him up in making the movie as entertaining as it is. i've only seen 3 bond films so i can't really comment how good of a villian silva is in comparison to the rest from the series but as one in general he's really good and javier bardem plays him with this terrifying, psychopathical nature where he's always twisting their hands and always prepared for what they have, all the way up to skyfall.

the story is simple with the hacking mystery, allowing itself to have mind blowing action. the scene at skyfall is one of the best looking action set pieces ever and it never fails to entertain. also having the difficult task of killing off m, skyfall did it really well by letting her and bond develop together. of course the other action throughout is just as good and filled with momentum and roger deakins cinematography is stunning. my only issue, and this might be a personal thing, but sometimes the movie gets really slow, enough to put me to sleep when i'm extremely tired, but it's still never boring.

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