Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

i mainly like the way far frome home handles the events of endgame. yeah, it's used for comedy with the opening video but it still feels like a realistic thank you video that would be made. peter's journey around his expectations, living without tony and being the 'next iron man' are all explored well with happy as a supporting character to help before the 3rd act. tom holland is still as good in the role as he was in homecoming, feeling like the perfect choice for both peter and spider-man.

the major aspect i don't like is why mysterio and his team are doing what they're doing but on his own mysterio is an excellent villain and i'd love for jake gyllenhaal to return for another marvel movie. plus he gives the illusion scenes which easily become some of the best stuff in the whole film by feeling so clever as they progress. they just look awesome.

however overall, it's a little bit worse than homecoming despite being just as enjoyable. it's a nice way to cap off the mcu so far, even though endgame probably should've been that point. the mcu is an incredible universe and despite all the hate it gets for its formulas or otherwise, it still successfully introduced superheroes to many many new people and forged an expandable universe with a load of lovable characters that mean a whole lot to some people. it's always going to be an amazing accomplishment, and it's always going to be deserving of the love it gets.

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