Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★½ -- this is so masterful; wish it could be in the film.

old review: MAJOR SPOILERS

i am so glad i gave this movie another chance. i knew i'd like it, i did the first time. except me being me decided i should just hate it instead. this has been one of the best re-watches for me, because i highly enjoyed this movie on a second viewing, without the bias of the hate that came with this movie 2 years prior.

a. it's fun
b. it's a very good movie
c. it's a very good star wars movie

my main critique of this after my first viewing was that it didn't follow in the storyline that jj laid out in the force awakens. but it's story does make sense in the larger picture, and is a lot better than i initially thought it was.

all that i found to be wrong with this movie is holdo. i just think she's a bad character and leads to several developments that wouldn't have been necessary if she wasn't so insistent on keeping secrets. if she told poe why they were abandoning ship then finn & rose wouldn't have to go on a little side quest to a casino, and they could've all gotten down to the old base just fine, with the empire being oblivious to the entire thing.

edit: with the empire. EMPIRE?! the first order being oblivious to the entire thing.

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