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This review may contain spoilers.

a really really good start for the mcu's disney + tv series'. it's nice to see media with wanda at the center of it as her character definitely deserved it. the lovely family comedy was beautiful to see in the first few episodes and the exploration of her grief and loss was done well once the show started to focus on it afterwards, especially in episode 8. elizabeth olsen plays wanda so well and gave such an incredible and emotionally driven performance.

the sitcom settings were a unique and stylish direction for marvel to take in comparison to their usual products and it let the show explore lots of different eras of comedy so that each episode had a really original element about it and it also worked well for the family comedy. i think each episode (besides 4, being the standard action expected from marvel) just got better and better. i think episode 7 was my favorite because of that style of sitcom, however it might be the halloween one instead just because of how funny evan peters was. it was kind of annoying he's not actually the x-men version and instead is just 'ralph bohner', but that reveal was genuinely hilarious. the end episode was also a little bit disappointing with how wild the internet was going with theories, but i still thought it was a great ending with a sweet, heartwarming send off for wandas family and a solid conclusion to the drama with agatha and the hex.

agatha was a great villian once revealed. that theme song was a surprise but it was so catchy and kathryn hahn is outstanding. i'm sad she didn't have that much time in the show as an actual villian but it worked well for what they were trying to do, since the mystery kept getting more intriguing with each weeks episode.

wandavision makes me really excited for the other marvel disney+ stuff coming, simce it was one of the shows i was least excited about and i still ended up loving it this much.

stan Jimmy Woo.

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