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This review may contain spoilers.

Years ago, Willard had fitted together a weathered cross above a fallen tree in a small clearing behind his house. He came every morning and evening to talk to God. It seemed to his son that his father fought the Devil all the time.

One thing for sure : I am absolutely not disappointed by this film. I love this kind of movie, and I love it even more when the different stories come together into one big, complete story. Although I loved Tom Holland in the role of Spiderman (among others), I much prefer him in this kind of role and film.
The only thing that really bothered me was the presence of a narrator, it's really not what I prefer, either in films or series.

Other than that, I’m sorry but I can’t help myself, I have to say it :
Bill Skarsgård hot
Robert Pattinson hot

Actually there's one thing I didn't expect at all to happen : I had to stop the movie for a moment because I couldn't stop laughing when Roy killed his wife just because he thought he could resurrect her afterwards. Priceless, honestly even just thinking about it right now makes me laugh so hard.

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