The Haunting of Bly Manor

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This review may contain spoilers.

It's you. It's me. It's us.

Once again, and maybe more than for Hill House, it is not a ghost story but a love story, I would even say several love stories. It all starts with Viola & Arthur and ends with Jamie and Dani. We find here all kinds of love with all that goes with it: passionate love, secret love, manipulation, jealousy, adultery, tragic love, true love... And this is what makes this season so tragic, since not all the love stories we have seen in 9 episodes end well. So... yes it's true it's heartbreaking but honestly it's not as much stuck in my head as Hill House, maybe it's the 'fear' factor that scared me so much in season 1 that I missed for Bly Manor?

Yet everything was perfectly splendid: the manor, the actors, the stories, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, the ghosts, Flora's doll's house and so on, but the story took a long time to set up, some episodes even the most important ones were much too long for my taste.

I must confess that I'm absolutely not a fan of the lack of color when I watch something so I had a lot of trouble at the beginning of episode 8 but it turned out to be my favorite of the season, the story we got was perfectly splendid (and unfortunately so sad).

Usually I can’t with children in a show or in a movie (and even in books), I had surprised myself in season 1 to get attached to them and to want to protect them (Luke, my baby) and here my naturalness came back at full gallop I couldn't (and even after finishing the series it doesn't pass) want to see them safe. The only thing about them that made me smile was Flora's "Shhh" to the ghost (Perdita ehe you deserved it u bitch) during the hide-and-seek game, I really loved it, other than that I didn’t really care for them, but I just want to say good job to the young actors you were great.

I wanting to point out that I'm proud of myself since I spotted some hidden ghosts hihi and I’m gonna end this review with one little question that has been running through my mind since I started the seasons of The Haunting of [...] that may sound ridiculous but: Why stay in a house when you VERY KNOW it's haunted? I seriously question myself on this one...

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