Annette ★★★


Fellow passengers next to me were sure looking respectfully as Adam Driver ate out Marion Cotillard whilst the two sang in unison. Theatre kids are going to eat this shit up, and cream their pants for the 80% of the runtime shirtless Driver.

*Update*: Okay, I saw the advanced screener 2.5 weeks ago, and I still haven't really written anything for it, nor does the film really excite me to do so now. So I'll just say, I was and still am pretty mid on it. The reactions and ratings seem to be pretty mixed, but as my foray into Carax's work, this was a disappointment. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed Adam Driver here, in a top 5 performance of his career here (Paterson, Marriage Story, and Silence still being his best), but he just wasn't enough to justify this tonally odd and extremely overlong plot. I like Marion Cotillard and her forehead tittæs, but she just wasn't fully utilised here given plot reasons. And once again, who keeps hiring Howard from Big Bang Theory, for serious films—granted he's probably the best of that cast? Annette is odd (Titane will probably get the same reaction), it's intriguing, it's surreal, ambitious maybe, quite predictable, yet somehow still holds your attention: It's the musical for the alt edgy cinephiles who say they don't like musicals. So yeah, refer to my opening bit, which still holds up.

PS: Driver be looking like he could be Lee Van Cleef (should they ever do a biopic or need his likeness) towards the end.



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