Emma. ★★★★

"You must be the best judge of your own happiness."

Is there a single problem that Jane Austin can't solve with an elegantly dressed melodramatic stroll through the estate's grand open fields? Emma is as I expected it to be, a charming and aesthetically vibrant pleasing romantic comedy. I'd go a step further in praising it's deftly directed and adapted turn into what is essentially a comedic teenage coming of age for frivolous rich white girls of immense privilege. A school friendly The Favourite dare I say, minus the raunch. This immaculate directorial debut insures Autumn de Wilde, as a name to keep both jealous eyes on. A terrifically alluring central performance from Anya Taylor-Joy and hilarious supporting roles from the whole cast, specifically vexing Miranda HartMia Goth's curious wonderment and Bill Nighy with his incessant obsession with a cold draft. I far prefer the upbeat and brisk beginning two acts, as the third falls into the usual tropes of tribulations and lessons. Obviously too early to discuss awards again, but this film displays it's worth in luscious cinematography gorgeous set design and detailed wardrobe to envy; all which shouldn't come as a surprise from the talented British literature costume designer Alexandra Byrne and Kelly Reichardt mainstay DoP, Christopher Blauvelt. A lovely dose of soul food that by the end, left me shedding a tear or two of joy...Anya Taylor-Joy

PS - I did not know that Phoebe Waller-Bridge had a sister who composed music. This score was elegantly fun and fittingly imbued with youthful energy.


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