Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★★

(2/7 Second Sequel
Decades 90s 3/6)

"I'll tell you one thing, it'll make a hell of a movie."

If the diegetic meta film class discussion Sarah Michelle Geller, Joshua Jackson, Timothy Olyphant and company lead needed any more convincing about sequels, Scream 2 is certainly not a superior sequel example. While I still had a really fun time with it—I lowkey actually enjoy this more star-studded cast—it arguably only exists due to the warranted and widespread success of the original game-changer. On a whim, I'm guessing Craven never expected to have this launch into a 4+ film franchise continuing beyond his unfortunate passing—this sequel with such an impressively fast turn around to boot. What made the original so iconic and timeless is the freshness effect, similar to how most felt after first experiencing Cabin in the Woods. So obviously the sequel just doesn't impact as hard and definitely suffers from predictability, despite still being an entertaining continued meta slasher with replay value (this shockingly being my first watch).

Certain cast members of the first are severely missed, but I really enjoyed newcomers Olyphant, Liev Schreiber, and Jada Pinkett-Smith. They really did Sidney dirty by having Jerry O'Connell play the boyfriend (really?). It's also worth mentioning that since almost every character gets a lot more time—to the film's pacing detriment—I did enjoy hotter Courtney Cox and far more badass Neve Campbell, here. As a whole, it's still very much worth watching for fans of slashers and the first, regardless of being an overlong recycling...that once again, is shockingly far more predictable than the first (seriously, to the point where you call it the second you see the individual). I think the kills are more creative, bigger sets and college location allow for more intricate sequences, the whole cast get some more development (which like I said, makes the pacing struggle), and hey, finally some minority inclusion. 

Might still be a little to early to cast final verdict for me, but Sidney Prescott might be the most capable of the classic final girls. 


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