Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

"I control the truth. Mysterio IS THE TRUTH."

Doesn't really hold up as well on the third (distanced from release date) rewatch. I still had a good time, but already knowing all the revelations and plot beats did leave me a bit unengaged at times—more curious at pointing out the improbable intricacies and really rushed yet still entertaining dynamic with Mysterio. The action is really lacklustre—which seems ironic with the reveal—the new suits are underwhelming, and I just think the character arcs are rushed for the purpose of the very long and multi-string reliant story. It's 5ish minutes shorter than Homecoming, but feels significantly longer.

Unlike the more cohesive and smoothly balanced Homecoming, Far From Home feels like it's linked loosely by each of the various CGI-heavy set-pieces (all of which lack cool hand to hand action). More of that nightmare sequence would have been terrific, though! But even I'm not blind with bias to my boy Jake Gyllenhaal, as I do think a lot of his dialogue feels forced and hammy—but not deliberately—at times. I definitely think his character could have been slid in far smoother and not alter so suddenly—a problem I see possibly coming from conflicting time allotment with the high school trip. That all said, Tom Holland gets more dramatic material to act upon, Mysterio's background is an interesting and somewhat believable, and the film lays crumbs down for the next installment without force-feeding them: Daily Bugle, fake news, Flash's "mother," MJ romance, Spidey-sense, Uncle Ben's briefcase,  is Happy Hogan the next Uncle Ben, Hydroman/Namor, Kraven to hunt Spidey, SWORD?

PS: The "Peter Tingle" of the "ol Webshooter."

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