At Eternity's Gate ★★★★½

i have many good things to point out about this masterpiece.

1) the camera work. you know why they didn't use a tripod? because your eyes don't have a tripod when you're looking around stuff. the camera work was intended to put you on the artist's point of view, inside their head with all the confusion and overwhelming thoughts going on. that's why it's messy and that's why it's genius in my opinion.

2) the acting. my god, the acting. if i could personally fly over to wherever willem dafoe is right now and thank him for this movie, i would. i personally think he portrayed this character in a way that really showed how much of a struggle his entire life was, yet how determined he was on making painting his reason to keep going. how the uncontrollable the madness that was taking over never stopped him from perusing his passion.

i could go on and on about this movie. i deeply enjoyed it.

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