Good Will Hunting ★★★★★

"it's not your fault
it's not your fault
it's not your fault
it's not your fault"

i had been putting away watching this movie for a while because, to be quite frank, the reviews and synopsis looked somewhat unappealing to me.
yet, while on my lovely "what movie will i watch at 1AM tonight?" schedule, i stumbled upon it. then it occurred to me, robin williams is in this. oh and also matt damon. cool! i'll watch it! why not?

well, turns out, this may have become one of my favorite movies of all time. ive seen the reviews on here. definitely a lot of variety. but i will voice MY own opinion on it. because that's why i installed this app.

the spirit of teaching has lost its essence a long time ago. teachers, counselors, therapists, they don't look at you as a person anymore. they profile you and judge you based off past experiences they've had on that same profile. you look promising? good, maybe they'll waste a couple of words of motivation about how you can make money off of your talent. you don't show an immediate inclination to a certain science or art? that's too bad, i won't care about you for the rest of our journey as long as you don't cause me trouble.
Sean is the opposite of that. instead of trying to capture Will's attention, he made Will want to capture Sean's attention, and also established boundaries. all without ever taking advantage of his brilliant mind. it could've been very easy to just profit from his brains and say "hey, i counseled that kid who's now a worldwide genius!". but he chose to just be the trampoline for Will's astonishingly bright future. and that's what teaching should be about.

i really loved this movie with every inch of my being, even when ben affleck accidentally showed his genuine bad (but lovable) flirting skills. i congratulate everyone who was a part of this masterpiece.

and may The Great Robin Williams Rest In Peace.