Manchester by the Sea ★★★★½

this isn't a movie that's meant to entertain. this is a long film of what unfiltered grief looks like.or at least what grief looks like through lee chandler's lens.
we all struggle differently. some of us punch walls and become violent at the slightest inconvenience. some of us cry, we cry for hours, days and weeks. some of us don't have a reaction. everything becomes numb. regardless, the world keeps spinning, life keeps going.
i personally am not capable of handling and processing death itself (whatever it is) and it takes me some good few months to understand that the person isn't there anymore.
lee chandler is what i imagine my soul to be like whenever i lose someone.
i stepped onto this movie thinking it was going to be a classic "let's be sad for 2 hours" movie, but i think it portrays the concept of grief excellently.
i deeply appreciated this movie, especially casey affleck's acting.

p.s: what the hell is matthew broderick doing here