A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★★

HOLY FUCK. It was one anxiety attack after another... I actually felt my heart trying to crawl its way out of my ribcage, then scratching on my throat, longing for freedom from the claustrophobic situation in my chest. The film made me feel SO self conscious about every sound resonating across the theatre. I have never been more uncomfortable in watching a movie. From start to finish, my eyes were totally glued to the projector. I was so invested with this film that I myself tried to make as little sound as possible, clutching onto my limbs and pressing my hands onto my lips to suppress even the sound of my breaths. The film exudes so much raw terror without trying so hard to scare the audience. Though it had minimal dialogues, A Quiet Place definitely rebounded with its well calculated and meticulously written screenplay. It’s baffling that from such a simple concept, a masterfully crafted soon-to-be-timeless horror flick was made. I never knew that silence was the most defeaning thing ever. Was anyone else reminded of Don’t Breathe (yet another classical horror film) while watching this? I hope I wasn’t the only one. Now to the performances... I’m really impressed by everyone in the film. John Krasinski and the two other kids did very well playing each of their respective characters. But let’s get to who really shined throughout the entire movie, Ms. Blunt. EMILY BLUNT IS A UNIVERSAL TREASURE. She spoke so little yet she was able to convey everything her character wanted to. You could feel the slightest touch of emotion she was portraying. THE PREGNANCY SEQUENCE... the pregnancy sequence... I’m honestly speechless. She definitely deserves recognition from prestigious organizations for this role. The technicalities were not perfect, but I would say that they were kind of necessary. The little flaws that this film had actually made me appreciate it so much more. The last shot was actually clever, leaving such ambiguity for the audiences to find out for themselves. This mind bending move made the film end on a really high and perfect note. I really loved it, loved it SOOO SOOO MUCH and the long wait was really worth it. I definitely want to see it again because this is something worth spending for. God, I love it.

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