Dunkirk ★★★★★

i deadass thought my boy jack lowden was about to die!!!! also lemme throw a shout out to the man hans for really fucking it up again with the soundtrack sir had me shooketh

ok to actually like review this slightly cuz i think its important:

dunkirk is a film that relies heavily on visuals and effects rather than dialogue to immerse its audience (think of drive, you know, a really unwordy type of movie) with that being said i gave it five stars because of that; he hit every single scene spot on with visuals, which conveys the intimacy and intensity of the time period he is intending to portray. this is the epitome of visual storytelling because that is what nolan focuses on. 

it is a war film, and that is what you will get: explosions on explosions. but i think the point is to understand that this movie might require a different mindset. it is meant to capture the harsh reality of the war (obviously the historical accuracy isnt something i know and im not an expert, but the notion of authenticity is there) and thats why some people might find it boring and stagnant since there is not really a plot to develop. while it is still a story, its essentially showing elapsed time of a moment in history that cant be stretched with dialogue. some wont see it as magnificent, but hey, to each their own.