Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary

Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary ★★★★

I just love these offbeat vampire flicks. I decided to check this out on the spur of the moment last night and I didn't regret it. It is based around female artist who happens to be a vampire - played seductively by the stunning Cristina Ferrare. It is not your traditional vampire flick in the sense that this one is about vampirism as a disease like George Romero's 'Martin' - only 'Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary' predates it by three years. You always feel that Mary doesn't like to consume blood but it is her illness that keeps her doing so, she even apologized to her victim before killing her. You always feel sympathetic for her, like you want to protect her. It is easy to see where George Romero got his inspiration from. There was one particular scene where Mary was in a Mall, where she picked up this woman and she was just telling her how lonely she was, a complete stranger! I don't think I have ever seen such a horror film where the protagonist was so vulnerable, so lonely, except in 'Martin', obviously. There are beautiful scenes of beaches, villas and museums that never fails to lure the viewers interest. Excellent character study where the protagonist has a disease to drink blood.

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