Tetsuo: The Iron Man

Tetsuo: The Iron Man ★★★★½

Hear me out, before you condemn me. WE RELY ON TECHNOLOGY NOW THAT WE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT! What did they countless of millions of people before us do, when they had no technology? Tetsuo could be seen as a metaphor for technology in the modern world and how it impacts our daily lives. I mean we see throughout the film that the man has all this metal stuck to him and growing in him and compare it to how technology has effected us, we have got to a stage where we can't live without it, like the man in the film, the more he fought it, the more the process progressed, until he eventually got use to it. My point is that we use all this technology and we literally can't live without it, its stuck to us like the metal was stuck to the man.

I can only imagine when it was first released what people thought! "My god!", they were saying. "How absurd!", they quipped. Alas, little did the people know that this was a cautionary tale to future generations. Unfortunately, we did not heed the not too subtle warning of Tetsuo. The all too chilling end is where society is now - "Our love can put an end to this fooking world. Let's Go!" - this quote from the end of the film can be seen as our love for technology - can put will end to face to face interaction as we know it. More kids nowadays are being exposed to technology at a younger age. When I was a kid I use to ask for a bike for my birthday but now you have kids who are asking for tablets and laptops. I shudder at the thought! I make no apologies for rambling. It ends with a horrific coming together of these two men and all the accumulated metal they have obtained. Tetsuo ends with the words "GAME OVER" as opposed to "The End" after the closing credits.

Not as preposterous as you would think...

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