Gymnopedie has written 10 reviews for films rated ★★★★½ during 2018.

  • Don't Go to Sleep

    Don't Go to Sleep


    Haunted house movies can be extremely creepy and atmospheric when done right, the tension builds and builds, they grab you and don't let you go. They need to be precisely and brilliantly choreographed. They can also be a hell of a lot of fun. Don't Go to Sleep has all this in abundance. This lesser known TV horror classic made such an impression on me that still remember it as if I watching it right now. What Don't Go to…

  • Edward Scissorhands

    Edward Scissorhands


    Edward Scissorhands (played by Johnny Depp) is about a man who has scissors for hands. The film begins with a friendly Avon saleswoman Peg Boggs (played by Kathy Baker) who visits this abandoned mansion on the edge of the town and discovers Edward and she takes him home with her. From there on we Edward trying to fit in with the locals and discover the world that has been closed off from him. The film poignantly depicts Edwards early years…

  • They Have Changed Their Face

    They Have Changed Their Face


    They Have Changed Their Face is perhaps the most innovating and original take on the Bram Stoker's novel Dracula. In this intoxicating allegory on capitalism, they substituted the well- trodden Dracula with a successful and powerful businessman, Giovanni Nosferatu, the head of a massive corporation, who invites a low- ranking employee to, from what appears on the exterior as an old dilapidated villa. As soon as he arrives in the locality - things are not quite what they seem. He…

  • I, Zombie: The Chronicles of Pain

    I, Zombie: The Chronicles of Pain


    It seems that zombie movies are dime a dozen and offer little in the way of originality and imagination so it is always refreshing to see a zombie flick that attempts to bring new ideas into the exhausted sub-genre. Today, I am going to talk about a film that I seen three years ago and still haunts me to this day. I was bored and weary and I decided to watch, what I thought was your typical low-budget flawed zombie…

  • Messiah of Evil

    Messiah of Evil


    I had bought the Mill Creek Chilling Classics 50 movie pack a few years ago and I had noticed that Messiah of Evil (1973) was included in it but for one reason or another I never wanted to watch it. Fast forward to last years October Challenge and I was running out options to watch - so I half-heartedly decided to watch it. Well, needless to say, I didn't regret it, and even tho the copy wasn't the best in…

  • The Addiction

    The Addiction


    Myths do not die, they just get transformed. Today I talk about The Addiction. And so ends this most interesting film, vampirism is transplanted to a harsh modern urban setting as a metaphor for addiction, religion and redemption. The vampire legend, that is so rich in metaphor and symbolism, has never been treated with such intellectual depth and biting social criticism. The modern vampire sub-genre in my opinion works best in real harsh urban environments, with limited action scenes, that…

  • Natural Enemies

    Natural Enemies


    I have had the good fortune to have seen a handful of movies that have really stirred an emotion in me - lingered with me for years. 'Natural Enemies' is no different. As a young single man, this film has such a profound effect on me. Never has such a film effected me since I seen 'The Fire Within (1963)'. Paul (played by Hal Holbrook) and Miriam (played by Louise Fletcher) are in a loveless marriage bereft of any happiness.…

  • Sole Survivor

    Sole Survivor


    Sole Survivor predates Final Destination by 17 years and you can see it had an obvious influence on Final Destination although Sole Survivor is the more well made film of the two and it is the far more creepy. The movie focuses on a young woman who happens to be the only survivor of a tragic plane crash. Following after being discharged from the hospital, she begins getting the foreboding feeling like she is in danger or harm, she begins…

  • Tetsuo: The Iron Man

    Tetsuo: The Iron Man


    Hear me out, before you condemn me. WE RELY ON TECHNOLOGY NOW THAT WE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT! What did they countless of millions of people before us do, when they had no technology? Tetsuo could be seen as a metaphor for technology in the modern world and how it impacts our daily lives. I mean we see throughout the film that the man has all this metal stuck to him and growing in him and compare it to how…

  • The Mothman Prophecies

    The Mothman Prophecies


    I am fully aware that The Mothman Prophecies divides opinions among fans of the horror genre. That is not even taken into consideration whether people believe these events occurred or not. It is just one of these films. I first seen The Mothman Prophecies ten years ago - late night on TV. I had never even heard of it before. It was just by mere luck that I stumbled upon it that night. I was just transfixed by it and…