Black Swan ★★★★★


Oh My God , I Never Thought That Rewatching This Would Be SO SO Much Better Than The First Time.

Black Swan To Me Has Made A Striking Impact On Me , Seriously I Can't Stop Thinking About This Movie Not Once Since I Saw It Almost A Month Ago And It Is Just Stuck Into My Head. The Last Time I Felt Like That With A Film Was Martin Scorsese's The Departed Which Is My Absolute Favorite Film Of All Time. Man , This Film Is A Masterpiece , There Is Simply For Me Nothing Not A Thing Negative To Say About This Film. So I Said "Fuck It Black Swan Is Officially In My All Time Favorites Of All Time.

The Best Thing I Got From Rewatching It Again Were The Little Details I Didn't Catch The First Time And I Was Actually Much More Anxious Than The First Time I Watched It Just Because I Knew What Was Going To Happen.

Black Swan Is A Beautiful Masterpiece That Succeeds In Every Aspect For Me. Instant All Time Favorite.

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