Parasite ★★★★½


So I Decided To Watch This Year's Winner Of The Cannes Film Festival And It Was Quite An Experience.

To Start Of I Have To Say That It Is A Very Smartly Written And Crafted Movie That Manages To Grab Your Interest By The First 10 Minutes.

The Acting Is Great , All The Performers were Great With What Given To Them.

The Visuals Were Terrific Along With The Score In Almost Every Scene.

Surprisingly There Weren't Many Moments Of Violence As I Thought It Would Be But When It Has It Is Very Brutal.

The Best Aspect That I Think This Movie Provides Is Excellent Storytelling Which I Was Very Surprised By It.

But Not All People Will Enjoy This Movie For Sure , But If You Do It Is Quite An Experience Especially If You Go In On This Completely Blind.

It Definitely Deserved The Cannes Film Festival Award For This Year.


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