Scent of a Woman

Scent of a Woman ★★★★★


It's About Hope
It's About Life
It's About Friendship
It's About Second Changes
It's About This Extraordinary Masterpiece.

Holy Shit This Movie Was Incredible. Scent Of A Woman Is Easily Al Pacino's Most Underrated Film That He Has Probably Ever Done , Winning Him Very Rightfully His Very First Oscar. Seriously Chilling Performance By Pacino , His Character Was Heartbreaking And Explosive At The Same Time And He Was So Mesmerizing And Moving And His Portrayal Of A Blind Retired Army Colonel Is Extremely Believable And Convincing.

Truly An Experience Of A Film , An Experience Not To Be Missed It Has Been A Long Time Since I Have Given A Film 5 Stars But Man Did This Film Deserve It. And Also I Have To Thank My Dad For Actually Recommending Me This Film And I Am Just So Happy That He Did.

This Film Is Both Sad And Happy , An Electrifying Performance By Pacino And Chris O Donnell And This Film Quite Possibly Contains One Of The Best Most Chilling Most Jaw Dropping Speeches I Have Ever Seen In A Film.

"HOOWA" This Is Very Recommended.

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