The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★½


"There Is Enchantment In The Light"

The Lighthouse Is Without A Question One Of The Darkest Most Bizarre Challenging Films I Have Seen All Year. Packed With Sledgehammer Performances By Dafoe And Pattinson , Dazzling And Gloomy Atmosphere , And A Very Interesting And Filthy Story And An Excellent Direction By Robert Eggers The Lighthouse Is Without A Doubt A Near Masterpiece.

The Story Revolves Around Two Lighthouse Keepers Try To Maintain Their Sanity While Operating And Living On A Remote And Mysterious New England Island In The 1890's.

Directed By Robert Eggers (Director Of The Witch 2015) Comes A Very Dark , Sinister And Surprisingly Comedic Film The Lighthouse. Starring Willem Dafoe And Robert Pattinson In The Roles Of The Lighthouse Keepers. Willem Dafoe Gives An Incredible Performance , His Character Is Very Mysterious And The Way They Wrote His Character Is Clever But Yet You Know Something Is Off Putting About Him , The Way He Delivers And The Way He Acts Feel Very Strange And Bizarre , Dafoe Absolutely Owns The Movie , He Is So Committed And His Delivery Of Lines Is Just Excellent And I Also Really Loved His Accent Thought His Gave Him A Lot More Personality In His Character. Robert Pattinson Is A Revelation Truly Amazing , His Character Is Very Well Written As The Character Who Is Looking To Do Any Type Of Hard Job That Pays Yet You Slowly Start To See Him Lose His Mind Starting To Live In A World About His Fetish Desires And His Dark Thoughts And His Curiosity To Discover What Is Happening In The Light And Why Dafoe Has Declare It Off Limits For Him. The Cinematography , Scenery And Atmosphere Are Blended So Incredibly Well To Create A Dazzling Yet Haunting Illustration Of A Beautiful Black And White Movie Set In The 1890's. The Direction By Robert Eggers Is Fascinating And His Work Here Really Shines The Sound Design And Mixing Really Reminds Me Of His Movie The Witch And While I Wasn't That Big Of A Fan Of The Witch I Have To Say That It Did Grew On Me More And With The Lighthouse He Definitely Outdid Himself And Impressed Me Even More As A Director And Filmmaker.

The Lighthouse For Me Is A Near Masterpiece , Its A Balanced Movie That Keeps The Audience On Edge And Its A Film That Likes To Challenge The Mind Of The Viewer While Providing Some Unexpected Laughs. The Ending Is Left Up In The Interpretation Of The Audience Leading Them To Decide What's The Ending In A Way Which Is Something I Have Seen A Lot Of Movies Have Stared To Do Lately. In Short Words The Lighthouse Is An Incredible Well Made And Well Written Thriller That Audiences Shouldn't Miss Out On.

"Alright Have It Your Way"


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