Glass Onion

Glass Onion ★★½


"Best Adapted Screenplay Nomination"? Um idk about that boah.

Netflix these days has got a lot of financial, power, but that (unfortunately) does NOT equal creative power. While Glass Onion is visually dynamic with good pacing, it simply doesn't match the total package provided in its original, Knives Out. In fact, being associated with the well-written and directed first version is a big part of the problem. If Glass Onion were released as its own film with no association to Knives Out, it might be better accepted. Knives Out was a reasonably realistic story with well-defined characters we identified with very quickly, which helped draw the audience into the film. It used dry humor and wit to drive home its points. Also it got a smart script and fantastic acting. I don't love the film that much to consider it one of my favorites (Not even remotely close) but it's a great film and murder mystery film.

Glass Onion, in contrast, is based upon an absurd, convoluted and childish plot that would be more appropriate in a dumb marvel movie than an adult mystery. It is entirely unbelievable by any stretch of the imagination. The characters in this film don't use snappy dialogue and sharp retorts, they scream obnoxious and idiotic nonsense as if noise is supposed to make up for lack of a meaningful script, not to mention the acting is simply horrendous. The villain is portrayed as an utter buffoon, to a degree of not being able to speak properly having to make up words and not even knowing the name of the sea that his private island is located on. All his ideas are moronic obvious even to a lay person.

The cast of Knives Out was well-chosen, displaying chemistry with each other and the audience throughout its run time. In GO, chemistry between the players is absent; even Daniel Craig's inspector portrayal is reduced to a caricature in this sequel. Glass Onion is not an absolute disaster. It works as pass-the-time entertainment, offering enough visual stimulation to hold our attention. But In the end, though, it ends up being an utterly mediocre product with very amateurish and dumb ideas that even know how to be used. it's a loud, over-the-top hollow shell surrounded by pretty packaging and bows with barely soul or memorability. A dissapointin sequel to a film that imo didn't even need one.

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