Blue Valentine ★★★★★

Blue Valentine.

Directed by Derek Cianfrance.

"I'm so out of love with you. I've got nothing left for you, nothing, nothing. Nothing, there is nothing here for you."

The last time I saw this, I thought that love didn't exist. After watching it again tonight, my opinion has changed. It's not the marriage doesn't work or that love doesn't exist. Love exist, but it takes more than just loving somebody for a marriage to work.

It's shot with 2 types of cameras. 1 Super 16mm when our 2 main characters are young to signify that their beginning feels like a dream. There's an amateur feel to it as everything is handheld show how immature the characters Dean and Cindy are. There's a lot of times where music is being played and our characters are always seen within the same shot.
When it jumps to year Slater when they're both married, it's shot with 2 Red One digital cameras. All the shots feel very steady and focus. I believe this is to show how their happily ever after was something they dreamed about. There's almost no music during those scenes and rarely are both characters shown together.
Since this film is a nonlinear narrative, I think it then helps us, the viewer, understand the characters and meaning of the story a little bit more. Cindy and Dean aren't bad people, but they make bad choices. Relationships are much more gray than black & white. Even if I might have been siding with character slightly more than the other, I tried to look at both perspectives in this film. I'm not in a relationship and I never have been, but I get it.

While my favorite Ryan Gosling film is Blade Runner 2049, this is my favorite performance he's given. Same goes for Michelle Williams, I felt like she really gave up a part of herself for this film.

Director and writer Derek Cianfrance really has made something that feels real. Most filmmakers would try to make something funny or a cheesy Romantic Comedy, but not Derek. He’s made something that’s almost mirroring most or our culture today.
Being in a relationship can happen, but it takes work. If there are problems, you need to talk through them. Figure things out. Divorce can be an answer for some, but not for all.

This is one of the Rawest films I’ve seen about everyday people dealing with love. Or at least the concept for those who are still figuring it out.

10/10 (A+).

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