Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★★

(Short Review)

“Where’s his scrotum?!”

Visual and textual symbolism while also being a straightforward story. The story of a struggling artist. He never catches a break. He’s chasing after a dream that might be far beyond his reach. This is hands down Oscar Isaac’s best performance. The harsh reality of life and unique humor of the Coen’s blends perfectly together.

The songs are incredible! Some have a deeper meaning to certain scenes. Others are just flat out entertaining to listen to. Aside from the songs played by artist in the film, there is no other music.

This feels like poetry. No joke. Aside from the terrific screenplay, performances, music, and direction, the bleak world is captured perfectly by Bruno Delbonnel. This might be his bets looking film next to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. He might be the master of creating soft color palette for films. Combine that with the perfect lighting that makes certain scenes feel much more dramatic.

This is one of the best characters that the Coens have created in their films. While this might be a task for some to watch, if you’re not into films that take its time, I find it very enjoyable with every watch. Right behind No Country for Old Men, this is their best film.

“I should have had you wear double condoms. Well, we shouldn't have done it in the first place, but if you ever do it again, which as a favor to women everywhere, you should not, but if you do, you should be wearing condom on condom, and then wrap it in electrical tape. You should just walk around always inside a great big condom because you are *shit*!”

10/10 (A+).

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