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This review may contain spoilers.

Rosemary's Baby: A Deeper Understanding.

This is my second viewing of the film and I noticed things I never saw before.

This is arguably one of my, if not favorite, horror film. Instead of relying on jump scares or gore, this uses long uncut takes to create point of view, tension among specific characters, realism, and visual storytelling.
The real horror here is about control. Rosemary has no control of the situation she's in and neither does the audience. Outside forces are denying how to control her body and health. She's a slave in her own society. She becomes submissive even when she knows something's wrong. It's far too late by the time she tries to take control.
There's a lot of social commentary hidden within this. This includes sexual violence, depriving of education, greed among men, urbana paranoia trough overcrowding and annoying neighbors, etc.
Rosemary's pale complexion could be symbolic for the struggles of pregnancy or the struggles of becoming your own true self.

What really gets me is the use of religion and how it influences us. Religion can shape how we grow up both for the good and for the bad. Even Rosemary still has Catholic roots even if she says she was only raised Catholic. She wears the colors of Blue and White which stands for loyalty and purity. This is resembling the Virgin Mary.

What could really be happening is that it's all paranoia. Maybe there was no cult that helped impregnate her with the devils child. Maybe it was all some dream she couldn't wake up from.
But what if it wasn't a dream?

"This is no dream! This is really happening!"

There's nothing wrong if you watch this as a straight horror film. If you're a cinephile like me however, you'll definitely appreciate the symbolism and deeper meanings within this.

Rosemary's Baby was born June 1966. (6/66).

I seriously need to get the Criterion Collection of this.

No exaggeration here. A pure masterpiece.

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