Us ★★★★½

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“Zora, put your shoes on.”

I somehow got my mother, who hates scary movies, to stay and watch this. She stayed for about half before getting up and leaving. I think she went to bed with the lights on because she told me she was freaking out when leaving the theater.
Anyway, let’s talk about this film.

Incase you’ll didn’t know, I’m a Jordan Peele fan. This mostly came from his days of Key and Peele. When he did Get Out, I really liked it. I knew it would be a hit, but I wasn’t going crazy over it. This on the other hand, really impressed me. Get Out was good, Us is great.
There isn’t a single miscast person here. I believed every character in this film was a real character. Lupita Nyong'o is the one who really has to carry this film, and she is absolutely incredible. I know it’s early, but when we start talking about awards season at the end of this year, she should be in discussion for Best Actress. Honestly, this whole film should be up for discussion at the end of the year. It’s that damn good. The direction and writing are brilliant. The music is so chilling, I got a cool Rosemary’s Baby vibe listening to this music. This could possibly be a tribute to that film’s soundtrack. I’d like to think so.
I do have some questions about the film, and this has nothing to do with one’s interpretation or meaning. I won’t say what my questions are because this is spoiler free, but it mainly has to do with what the film tells us. They’re basic logic questions. If Jordan knows the answers to these questions, he probably doesn’t want to say at this time because the film just came out. If it’s just simply something we have to accept because it’s a movie and we need to just go with it, that’s fine to but I need an answer to these logical questions outside of the horror aspect.
There are also some dumb decisions made by the characters a few times and a short conversation, that was meant to provoke humor, but ultimately had no place being in this type of film.

Hopefully this review came off positive because I really did love this and it’s unfortunate that audiences aren’t liking it as much. It’s certainly a film I want to see again not only for the hidden allegories but just how enthralling it actually is. I like all the twist at the end, it makes the film feel bigger than how it was advertised.
One more thing, this is one of those cases where it doesn’t feel right to compare Get Out with Us. While Peele’s first film is more direct in its message, Us is more ambiguous. This along with the ending is what will most likely split audiences, but for me it was wonderful.

Jeremiah 11:11 – Holy Shit.

9.3/10 (A).

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