War Dogs ★★★★½

(Short Review)

War Dogs.
Since this movie is directed by Todd Phillips I expected this to be a comedy. That's how it looks when it was campaigned at least.
To my surprise it isn't all that a comedy as it is more of a crazy biographical crime-drama with comedic moments.
I found myself really getting into the story and who the characters were. It's not really all that raunchy.
Like The Big Short and The Wolf of Wall Street, this story invested me and I was wondering how these 2 guys pulled all of this off.
I like the editing style and narration, it reminded me of Goodfellas and the other previous films I just mentioned.
I do feel like there's some story missing at times and I do wish it were longer to get more character moments. I also think not everything was resolved at the end.
However, I can say this will be one of 2016's most overlooked movies.

9/10 (A).

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