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  • LA 92

    LA 92


    Fascinating, phenomenal and a powerful documentary that's made up of just footage with no commentary or narration

    This shocked me like no other movie ever did, such a brutal film .. it shows injustice, violence , revenge , innocents being beaten down or even murdered !

    One of the best docs i've ever seen

  • 13th



    13th is an informative documentary that highlights the disgusting racist attitudes that the US was built on ..

    I liked the chronogical strucutre of the film through history from the end of slavery to the 21st century, and the way it shows the systemic racism in american prison system .

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  • The Irishman

    The Irishman


    Masterpiece, brilliant, a piece of art that can't be described with words ...!
    Al Pacino , De Niro , Joe and Harvey... when you see those legends reunited at the same movie , you know very well how precious it is , and if this picture is directed by scorssese ... you'll witness one of the best movies ever made .

  • Mommy



    علاقة الأم والطفل من أهم العلاقات فالحياة اليومية ديال أي واحد، هاد الفيلم مبني على هاد العلاقة وغايقدمها فقالب جريئ وممتع لأقصى الحدود.
    الفيلم كيوصلنا حجم التضحيات لي كتقوم بيهم الأم لولدها لي كيعاني من فرط الحركة وكيميل للعنف بشكل كبير ، وعلى الجانب الآخر من العلاقة ستيف الابن لي كنلاحظو أنو مقيد ومرفوض من المجتمع ودائما كايفتش على الحرية