El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie ★★★★★

I wanted to take this opportunity, not only to review El Camino as a standalone, but to rate the show as a whole. Breaking Bad is beyond any doubt, in its entirety, the greatest show to ever exist. It is nothing short of a masterpiece. I tend to toss that word around a lot when describing the films that I love, but if anything truely earns it or lives up to it, its this show. There is no other way to put it. I never enjoyed Better Call Saul and have always considered it to be completely unnecessary, but I found El Camino to be an essential piece to the puzzle, the one that makes it whole. It may not live up to the same quality as the rest of the show but that is a high standard to meet, especially in a two hour film, and its not to say that El Camino wasn’t great. Breaking Bads ending alone was decent enough but this film went the extra mile and tied the loose ends the show had left behind, and it finally gave me closure as a long time fan as Im sure it will to many others. Its the ending we deserve.

Update: Happy to say BCS finally earned its keep for me with its 5th season.

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