Rumble Fish ★★★★

Rumble Fish tells a fairly standard story: a guy lives in the shadow of his mythologized brother, hangs with friends, gets in fights, messes with authority, and has his various mythic conceptions challenged. Francis Coppola tells this fairly standard story in about as perfect a way as possible. The moodiness, angst, and ennui fairly intrinsic to this kind of story is brought to the extreme, made palpable by the expressionistic cinematography which reveals in rich contrasts of light and shadow, fog and mist, uncomfortable blocking, and atypical camera angles. It is this visual expressiveness of all the emotions, and thoughts that are somewhat cliche that allows Rumble Fish to transcend its peers and become a highly engaging, memorable piece of cinema. It’s fun, impactful and while nowhere near as meaningful or awe inspiring as other Coppola masterpieces like Apocalypse Now it is certainly worhtwhile for anyone interested in his ouevre, or cinema in general.

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