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This review may contain spoilers.

I’ll admit that I’m probably scoring this a little higher than I actually feel because it’s the first movie I’ve seen back in theaters—but oh well! I enjoyed the hell out of this. The world building expanded the QP universe just enough while maintaining the unexplored and innominate nature that I was drawn to in the first installment. In particular, I love a sci-fi that goes, “aliens came here out of the blue and everything had quickly turned to shit and that’s that” without much “and here’s how/why they’ve come here” urgent, handholding exposition. 

I imagine a major criticism this movie is facing is that it feels more transitional, an obvious setup for a third installment in a way that feels insincere or unpalatable or overly capitalistic. Uh, I simply do not care? Sure, there are moves made here that clearly imply a QP3; I don’t see this as a cash grab or extending the universe only for the purpose of making another. I think the nature of science fiction can allow for further/indefinite storytelling and world building, and this movie is focused on those elements in way that would definitely be foundational for a third movie *but* I think this movie is enjoyable even if a third movie was somehow never created (ignore the run-on nature of this thought!!).

Something that’s been on my mind since watching, as well as thinking back on QP1, is the extremely gendered role that Blunt’s character sustains even in a dystopian landscape that would certainly require her to break those tradwife values far more often than she does. I don’t have much specific to say on this other than I’ve been ruminating on it and probably will look up what other smarter people have said on it.

In a film with so few primary characters/few characters at all, I’m so in awe of Simmonds’ and Jupe’s abilities. Sure, Blunt and Murphy are obviously talented actors but jesus h christ, these kids are the real stars here. Excited to see them in more roles as they grow up! 

3.9 stars, and looking forward to rewatching it and the first QP again 🤫

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