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  • Past Lives

    Past Lives


    Hae Sung searches for
    Na Young from another life.
    Nora is here now


    I’m quite proud of my initial review from last month (letterboxd.com/haikureviews/film/past-lives/) where I talk about my own personal experience with a long-distance relationship. I wrote how well it portrays the difficulties of maintaining a connection when you’re becoming different people. One thing I adore about the film is that I have so much more to say.

    Past Lives is a small-scale intimate affair. You get to…

  • Music



    a waste of talents;
    when I watched this on Tubi,
    looked forward to ads

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  • Theater Camp

    Theater Camp


    "Camp Isn't Home" rocks
    and sadly overlooked for
    Original Song

    Cemented as a top tier rewatchable comedies for me. I teach theatre to kids for a living, so this hits very close to home in a wonderful and cathartic way. It inspires me to be the best resource I can be for young talented minds. I watched with my partner who is a professional performer and graduated from a performing arts program in college alongside Zach Reino. She got…

  • Bar-B-Que Movie

    Bar-B-Que Movie


    barely watchable
    chaotic home-brewed nightmare
    stars Butthole Surfers

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