Captain Marvel ★★★½

The first female led Marvel film isn't the cream of the crop, but it's a solid entry that does at least make some efforts to step outside the standard format. The non traditional origin story approach lets us jump right into the action, and I'm glad that they shunned any love interest angle. I wasn't totally sold on Larson from the trailers alone, but she ends up doing well with it; I liked her confidence and wry sense of humor. The supporting cast is charming, and the de-aging effects have become ridiculously good. Some of the other effects are a bit more hit and miss, but I kind of expected as much with the sheer amount of effects needed for all these sci-fi shenanigans. Some of the camerawork in the action scenes is far too shaky as well, which is always a frustration. Not amazing, but I had a good time, and I'm sure most fans will too.

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