Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★½

Loved it. I dunno what to even say about it, cause my reaction is probably sorta overblown haha. It's definitely a mostly irrelevant kind of story, a slice of life for Spider-Man with just some attachments to the past and future films. Saw it with a friend who felt entertained, but that it was largely disposable and a bit tired. While I felt totally different about it, I totally appreciate the viewpoint. It's more of the same, and either you're fine with that, or you're not.

I've always liked Mysterio a lot, and I think Gyllenhaal kills it here. They put a nice new spin on him that I was totally fine with, and the mind fuck sequences turned out fantastically for me. My only notable problem is the initial exposition dump that comes with the first twist, which is humorously handled, but still felt way too long and detailed.

So yeah, my rating...I dunno, not gonna be for everyone haha. But I think it's cute, fun, and funny. I think everyone has been wonderfully cast, and really clicks with each other. It's just a great entertainment experience. I walked out feeling like I got exactly what I wanted from a Spider-Man movie.

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