The Bride of Frankenstein

The Bride of Frankenstein ★★★½

I thought this movie was on one of my history/horror challenges, but apparently not. I wanted to watch it anyway because it is my go to answer when someone asks me what classic horror movie I'm ashamed to have not seen yet (though there are plenty).

I do wish I had a lot more to say about it, since reviewing horror movies is sorta what I do, but unfortunately I just don't. The makeup is wonderful, as is the score, and there are some nice set pieces. I liked the cast, and of course Karloff embodies the monster perfectly. But largely I just felt fine about the film. It has some sweet moments (The Monster and the blind man) and the reveal of the Bride is really atmospheric, but it also meanders around getting to its titular plot point, which then wraps up with almost comical brevity. There are a few other goofy scenes (the little "creations" in the jars) that just feel too cheesy for my tastes.

Certainly a good movie, but I wish it was a bit more focused. It never felt scary enough, funny enough, or emotional enough to really hook me.

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