The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★

Started this last night, but it was running a bit late, so I had to cut it off and finish it today. I liked it; some parts of it more than others, to the point that I had to wrestle with the rating a bit. I think the performances are pretty strong across the board (as they should be with such a stacked cast), but the loose narrative structure really didn't contribute much for me; and the fact that some stories and characters were more interesting than others made it all the more tedious. The arc for each story was very transparent, given how everything needed to be condensed into the vignettes, which meant never really being surprised, nor having enough breathing room to feel the weight of its various tragedies. Everyone being cast in stark good/evil lights also comes across as a bit naive, where such a web of moving parts could have been far more nuanced. It isn't without compelling moments, but it's flatter than I'd have hoped.

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