The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★½

That feeling you get walking out of the theater after seeing your favorite film of the year. Nothing quite like it.

Let's just brush past my minor nit picks first and get them out of the way. I found some moments of editing here and there to be a little awkward, kind of jumpy, and there were more scenes than I preferred that were very dark. Rarely ever into the really egregious territory of being indecipherable, often still leading to scenes of gorgeous silhouettes and enchanting atmosphere. But sometimes, a few times, I was aware that I wanted to be able to see a little more than I could.

Everything I could see was beautiful, and everything else was spectacular. Loved the score thoroughly, the costuming and locations, the makeup effects on the Green Knight himself, and all the performances. Patel is fantastic, truly, but I was enamored with the supporting cast; early on into the film I thought "oh I've got to make note of this performance, wow" and the next scene was the same, rinse and repeat, every time someone came on screen haha. Naming anyone in particular would be negligent unless I named every single one. From the hushed confessions of regret, to the boldest philosophical monologues, everyone brings their A game, and the script gives them the foundation to support it. At times eloquent and fantastical, but also sporting a humorous, modern edge that is perfectly charming.

I had the biggest smile on my face as the finale played out; such a satisfying thematic resolution, playfully succinct, the "ever after" element you might expect trimmed for its needlessness. What comes next, left perhaps more open than in the source material, is of less consequence than what it means to have come to this conclusion.

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