Ugetsu ★★★½

Watched during my Summer of J-Horror II.

I did enjoy this; it's beautifully shot and well acted throughout, but I also feel a bit bamboozled as I was led to believe this was a more overt horror film (I didn't really read into it after having it suggested to me). It's not that at all; there is a supernatural element, and of course some horrors of war elements, but it just wasn't really what I was expecting or looking for.

So, I dunno that I have a lot to say for this one, it's a good drama and piece of film history. I did take a bit of issue in the way that the wives did most of the suffering for the husbands to learn lessons. I guess the times were what they were, but still. The husbands are pretty stupid throughout, and a lot of the dialogue is very forceful about getting the point across. So I wasn't quite blown away by this one, though it has some very memorable moments (the boat scene is killer). I can only dock it so much, it's clearly well made, but I guess it's on the lower end of great haha.

Edit: I kinda stewed on this one throughout the day and think I am actually gonna take it down half a point. Good movie, respect the legacy, but it just didn't totally sit right with me.

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