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Won't rest until I've seen every Eurohorror film that's worth a damn.

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  • Friday the 13th Part 2

    Friday the 13th Part 2


    Marginally better than the first one overall imo even though it's weaker in some key aspects. Love the cast in this one, to the point where I'd rather see Mark and Vicki in a shitty 80s romcom living happily ever instead of having to see them murdered by Jason in a Friday film. Love the not-so-subtle homages to Italian horror cinema, the main one obviously being the double spear impalement taken directly from Bava's Bay of Blood (maybe the machete…

  • Friday the 13th

    Friday the 13th


    Alright so it's not as boring as I remember it being but among all the great horror franchise starting points out there, your Halloweens and Texas Chain Saw Massacres and Nightmare on Elm Streets etc, this is by far the weakest of them all. It only existed to make easy money by ripping off Halloween in the first place so I guess that shouldn't be a surprise. Still blows my mind that this is the film that kick-started a franchise…

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  • Climax



    Me after watching Enter the Void: "Man, it'd be great if Gaspar Noe could make a film with these peak levels of audio/visual intensity but could also sustain that energy for its entire duration."

    Me after watching Climax: "Ayyyyyyyyyy."

    A celebration of the liberating power of dance, delivered the way only Gaspar Noe could. Setting the stage with a spectacularly choreographed long take of the entire 20-strong cast dancing together like absolute maniacs, Noe immediately gets the adrenaline pumping while…

  • Glass



    [Seems like there was no embargo for the Sydney screening so here are some quick structure-less thoughts!!]

    As with Unbreakable before it, I appreciate how Shyamalan somehow maintains a deliberate grasp on the tones he wants to convey despite the film taking inherently silly comic book tropes and using them as one of the serious thematic focal points. Glass is far more of a tonal wildcard than Unbreakable was though. I presume a lot of people are going to read…