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  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built


    Lars Von Trier has always been a provocateur, this we know, but has he ever created a film as personal and relevant as his latest? After so many years of exploring the depths of his depression through art, Von Trier has begun to turn away from that subject in order to replace it with aesthetics and the nature of art. Maybe this doesn’t sound like the Lars Von Trier you know and hate, but there’s also plenty of mutilation, misogyny,…

  • You Were Never Really Here

    You Were Never Really Here


    The beauty of this flick is in how it is made entirely out of juxtaposing elements. It’s arthouse and exploitation. It’s brutal and gentle. It’s emotional and withholding. It’s flowing and realistic while being mannered and surreal. Jonathan Ames was my favorite author as a teenager but I never read this one (it came out after my phase). I’m so glad we got to have the stark noir-fantasy Ames on screen finally. As badly as I love Bored to Death,…

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  • Belfast, Maine

    Belfast, Maine


    Vérité isn’t usually my thing and I don’t know if the entire four hours is necessary but it’s pretty fun and neat seeing a doc about the tiny lil town my gf is from. Sequences that enraptured me most: Melville Tacher, Flower Ladies, and the dude that smokes four packs a day.

  • Broken Arrow

    Broken Arrow


    Proto-Revisionist Western by a blacklisted writer with a bizarre sense of structure and pacing. I dug it quite a bit but it kinda doesn’t feel like a real movie.

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  • Zoo



    it's your basic story. boy meets girl, boy divorces girl, boy meets horse and gets fucked to death by it.

  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    a primal scream into the uncaring void tbh

    it's like schrader shoved his hand into my brain, pulled out all of my thoughts and anxieties about faith, environmentalism, and depression, then just hurled that shit onscreen.